“Princess Kate may have been at the bottom of a mountain in Bhutan without a mirror, but when she wanted to know how she looked in a set of earrings, she knew exactly what to do. Beckoning Prince William over to a stall where she’d spotted the jewelry, she asked him to get out his iPhone as she held one up to her left ear. There, with a smile from Kate, William took a shot so she could see how the dark blue dangly trinkets looked. In their own little moment, away from their entourage and security, she pronounced them just right, and snapped them up for 500 rupees (about $7). The following day it became apparent why: Kate wore them for a much-anticipated visit to India’s most romantic site, the Taj Mahal.”

Simon Perry ‏@SPerryPeoplemag

(via worldofwindsor)


I know part of this got out, but allow me to add the rest!

Here’s the low down on what really happened between Michelle Obama and MeAgain… Princess Pushy, indeed.

*Also,I did see someone mention here that this wasnt a planned meeting and that MM did barge her way into a conversation. Apologies as I can’t find that original post!

“I worked for Barack Obama for 7 years.

I have friends who are with the Obama foundation, and have more access to the former POTUS and FLOTUS than I do now, and I asked them about the now infamous meeting.

Per everybody that I’ve spoken with, Mrs Obama was ambushed by MM, and her secret service detail was none to pleased about it. They said she made a few minutes of polite chit chat so as not to be rude, and then quickly excused herself to leave.

The general consensus was she wasn’t pleased with the ‘stunt’, and felt like the reason she was there was overshadowed by MM making the night all about her.

I’ve spoken to her only a handful of times (MO that is) and almost always in a group setting. Despite how far she’s gotten in life, she still sees herself as the girl who grew up with pretty much nothing. She has very little to any patience for people who flaunt wealth or power.

My friends said she was annoyed with the ambush and pissed off about the snafu it caused with her secret service detail. They have to coordinate with the security of dignitaries that she meets with, and none of this was coordinated, so it created a logistical mess.

What I’ve heard from everyone was MO was trying to be polite, but she was tired. She was on a time crunch because they knew GB’s death was imminent and she would need to get back, and this had created a logistical nightmare for her secret service detail since none of it had been coordinated with MM’s detail because it wasn’t planned.”

I think I’m the only one who’s not looking forward to the PR war that’s going to come with the scandals and divorce. Honestly, I have a sinking feeling that this is going to absolutely destroy the RF and discredit them. The British public doesn’t suffer fools, especially not from the royal family. I’m worried this could lead to abolishing the monarchy, especially since QE is likely to pass within the next few years.


It won’t. The Cambridges are still popular so it will be fine. All they have to do is do another strong PR campaign and Harry will be back in the good graces in no time. Seems like he gets immunity just by being Diana’s son tbh.

Regarding any BRF vs Megs PR fight: it’s not an even match. It’s basically a nuclear bomb vs sticks and stones. Megs can’t win that fight because she’s not popular enough in any country–UK or USA–to have enough resources to win. 

Megs isn’t on par with Diana. She hasn’t achieved the reputation, standing, or respect that Diana did going into the War of the Waleses. Megs vs BRF is going to come up with a huge loss for Megs. The only reason she’s able to engage on any level with the tit-for-tat reporting that has been going on recently is because BRF members–Queen, Charles, William, etc.–are being nice because she’s married to Harry. 

Megs will bear much of the fallout for this relationship/marriage demise because she doesn’t have as much of a long-established reputation in the media.

Box Office: ‘Aquaman’ Swims to Record $94M Bow in China

The superhero pic will dive into North American theaters on Dec. 21.

James Wan’s Aquaman made a giant splash in its China two
weeks ahead of its U.S. launch, grossing $93.6 million to land the top
opening ever for a DC comic book adaptation.

Aquaman — starring Jason Momoa in the titular role — also marks the biggest start ever in China for any Warner Bros. title, besting Ready Player One by 66 percent.

Among Warner Bros./DC movies, Aquaman launched 92 percent ahead of Justice League and 78 percent ahead of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Plus, it has already exceeded the entire lifetime gross of Wonder Woman in the country.

Aquaman also delivered the biggest industry opening in China
for the month of December, commanding 85 percent of market share. Imax
sites in the Middle Kingdom turned in a mighty $9.7 million.

Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson and Dolph Lundgren co-star in the tentpole, which follows on the heels of Sony’s Venom, which has earned a stunning $268 million in China to date for a global total north of $850 million.

Warners decided to unfurl Aquaman first in China, followed
by additional foreign markets next week, in order to get a jump on a
crowded pack of year-end holiday films, including Mary Poppins Returns and the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee.

Aquaman will open in North America on Dec. 21, the beginning of the lucrative year-end holiday corridor.

Box Office: ‘Aquaman’ Swims to Record $94M Bow in China


Wonder Woman (2017) dir. Patty Jenkins

It’s… it’s not about deserve. Maybe, maybe we don’t. But it’s not about that, it’s about what you believe. You don’t think I get it, after what I’ve seen out there? You don’t think I wish I could tell you that it was one bad guy to blame? It’s not! We’re all to blame! I’m not! But maybe I am.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle January 2019 Tarot Reading – September 7th, 2018




I decided to look into January and see what was going on there, considering the (possible) mess that will be this fall. This always, send feedback and requests to my inbox. I am taking personal readings for a couple of hours so hurry and get yours in before the day is up. Anyways, this is what I got.

“Show me Meghan Markle in January 2019?” 

  • Nine of Swords Rx – fell out the deck while shuffling.
  • (Queen of Cups, center; Knight of Pentacles, challenge; Death, root; Justice, past influence; Moon, crown; Five of Swords Rx, near-future; Eight of Cups, feelings/self-belief (clarifiers : Ten of Cups, Three of Pentacles Rx, King of Swords, King of Wands Rx); Five of Pentacles, enviorement; Three of Wands, hopes/fears; Four of Wands, outcome/new direction (clarifiers: Eight of Swords and Nine of Cups)
  • Seven of Swords, Devil, World – bottom of the deck

So to start off, I do find it very ironic that when I asked about Meghan, Harry came up instead. And not just by himself, but with the Queen of Cups. And we all know who that is..(FD). But if this isn’t FD, Harry came up in the middle of the spread (Knight of Pen.) showing something major emotionally going down with Prince Harry this month (Moon/Queen of Cups/Death). I think Prince Harry is really going to start listening to his heart in January and really wake up if he hasn’t before this and finally give in and not letting this drama go on anymore (Five of Swords Rx) (reminder: I do think Harry realizes the damage and destruction this marriage is having on him and his family but I never saw him fully giving out, I did see him asking for help and realizing his mistakes though, just not fully surrendering just yet) and there’s a lot of female energy around him this month (Queen of Cups).  I do still think him and Meghan might be married (Four of Wands/Eight of Swords) legally (Justice) but emotionally, I think they are separated (Eight of Cups/Ten of Cups/Five of Pen./Five of Swords Rx/Nine of Swords Rx). 

I think by January, Harry just wants to be done with all the drama and kind of go away and travel in seclusion whether that’s by himself or with FD (Three of Wands). Three of Wands is a three, which represents creativity, love, expression and with Wands, which represents passion, love, and drive btw, which is why I say it might be with FD. He might travel somewhere for the hoildays and come back home for January mostly or he might stay at home all January (Four of Wands/Eight of Swords) but whatever he is, he’s content with being there (Nine of Cups). 

If FD is in the picture, I still think it will be kept very much a secret (Moon/Nine of Swords Rx) because Harry doesn’t want to mess this up and already has enough going on for what it is. 

I also think something will come to light (Seven of Swords/The World), regarding something scandalous (Devil) involving Meghan more perhaps (since this is Meghan’s reading, even though Harry’s all over it). This can also represent again, FD and Harry sneaking around with her, because again I still believe they are married during this time or at least have something legally binding them together, and this would be still considered a affair/ if not that scandalous even though Harry’s happy (World).

Reiterating here, no I don’t think their that happy right now (meaning January) in this marriage (Ten of Cups) even though Ten of Cups came up upright. I think they aren’t really working together or getting along at all (Three of Pen. Rx) at this point (but let’s be real are we shocked by this lmao). Something legally binding them like I said before, regardless if they are legally seperated or not (King of Swords) and they aren’t happy about it (King of Wands Rx). I think someone is moving on emotionally for sure (probably Harry) (Eight of Cups).

“Will they still be married in January 2019?”

  • (Judgement, Wheel of Fortune Rx, The Star Rx, Ace of Cups, Six of Wands Rx)

Again, something legal going on with these two in January. And a significant decision (Judgement) will be made, probably not a good one (Wheel of Fortune/Six of Wands Rx) meaning one that looks bad on them. There that Wheel Rx goes again. I keep saying this, nothing but bad karma around these two. I think their relationship is hopeless and sad and unbalanced by January (The Star) and someone will have someone new (Ace of Cups) (Six of Wands Rx is also a cheating card) whether that’s public or private.

“Show me the legal state of their marriage in January 2019?”

  • (Nine of Wands Rx, center; Page of Swords Rx, challenge; Two of Cups Rx, root; Page of Wands, past influence; Ace of Swords Rx, crown; Tower, near-future (clarifiers: Three of Cups, Four of Cups, Queen of Swords); Ten of Wands Rx, feelings/beliefs (clarifiers: Three of Swords Rx); Six of Pentacles Rx, environment; Seven of Wands Rx, hopes/fears; Two of Swords Rx, outcome/new direction)

Kept pulling some cards…

  • (Empress Rx, Emperor Rx, Lovers Rx, Eight of Wands Rx, Hanged Man, Hierophant Rx)

Like I said, I don’t think their marriage is doin that hot by January (Empress Rx/Lovers Rx/Hierophant Rx). Emperor is also one of Meghan’s birth cards, and it came up reversed so she isnt happy this month. Marriage is unstable (Emperor Rx/Empress Rx/Heiorphant Rx/Lovers Rx) and full of burdens and regrets (Hanged Man). Eight of Wands (the arrows of love) reversed. They aren’t getting along (Nine of Wan. Rx/Two of Cups Rx). The cards are showing them carrying a heavy burden this month regarding thier marriage (Nine of Wan. Rx/Ten of Wan. Rx). Due to not wanting to let go of something, but having too anyways (Three of Swords Rx). Nine of Wan. Rx also represents lack of commitment, bad luck, feeling under attack, paranoia, no trust, and also major disagreements. Page of Swords Rx represents bad news, it facing the Page of Wands which represents unexpected/suprising news, I do think something unexpected will come out regarding thier marriage around this time. I think whatever it wil be devasting (The Tower) and cause lots of confusion (Ace of Swords Rx). I think something regarding their marriage legally is going to go down (Queen of Swords) involving a third party (Three of Cups), probably a female lawyer (Queen of Swords) who sits down and reevaluates this marriage (Four of Cups) because of whatever scandal or news that comes to light, whether that be publicly or privately.

I think legally their marriage is very complex but very confusing at that moment (Two of Swords Rx). For some reason their very worried about the status of thier marriage this month and lots of different opinions are involved and a lot of criticism and challenges this month (Seven of Wands Rx).

Again, lots of judgement around them and lots of money troubles or greediness around money *shocker* (Six of Pentacles Rx).

“Will a cheating scandal come out involving come out involving Harry and Meghan in January 2019?”

Did mutiple CC spreads for this.

  • (Temperance, Four of Swords, Nine of Pentacles, Page of Cups Rx, Strength (Meghan), Knight of Swords Rx, Knight of Cups, Queen of Pentacles, Queen of Wands Rx, Two of Wands)
  • The Fool, Seven of Cups, King of Cups Rx – bottom of the deck
  • (Sun, Chariot Rx, Five of Cups Rx, Six of Swords, Ace of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles Rx (BRF), Hermit, Four of Pentacles Rx, High Priestess Rx)

So I do think if a cheating scandal comes out, it will involve Meghan for sure (Strength). I think the media is being very meticulous and methodical about how they go about this (Four of Swords/Temperance).

I do think Meghan is hiding a secret involving love (Page of Cups Rx) and that cheating will get out (Knight of Swords Rx/Four of Pentacles). I think with all the cards popping up at the bottom of the deck, I think she is having by this time, a secret relationship with a man (King of Cups Rx/Knight of Cups Rx) and what she says is innocent (Fool) really isn’t. Meaning I think when she’s confronted about it, she’ll act all Queen of Pentacles and very humble and “woe is me” type of girl, and claim it was all innocent and rosy (Seven of Cups/Fool) but in reality it is was something more than that (King of Cups Rx/Queen of Wands Rx). I orginally thought this might be Trevor but since Knight of Cups came up as well, I’m leaning towards maybe not so much anymore. Some say Pentacles is also a writing card, so that can also signal it coming out in a newspaper or some writing of some sort. I think the media is trying to make sure they get everything they can get, and every possible loophole sealed before they release this (Two of Wands Rx) so it won’t be so easy I’m guessing for the sugars/fans to shot them down.

I think Meghan is going to feel embarrassed by this (Sun Rx) and will want to go away for a while (Six of Swords/Four of Swords) or this might come out while she’s away traveling somewhere or something.

Ace of Pentacles came up in the near future I mean guys?!?! Pentacles represents the winter season, we’re talking about January. Pentacles also represents years, we’re talking about next year/beginning of the year. Ace means one, the beginning/start of something, and January is what month of the year, oh yeah the first (1).

Anways the BRF and Harry are going to be pissed when this comes out (Ten of Pentacles Rx) and it will come out (HP Rx/Four of Pen. Rx).

“Will Meghan Markle still be a duchess in January 2019?”

King of Pentacles – Yes for right now.

This is what I got for January for these two, hope you like it. Send me feedback and requests in my inbox as always. Thanks for all the love guys. TT, out.


Due to the recent talk of the #JanuaryBomb thought I’d reblog this old reading I did on Harry in January, if any of guys want to re-read it since January is soon approaching. Getcha teacups ready folks.

I’ve never been a ‘Royal Watcher’ so I never watched Kate & William’s wedding when it happened. But I looked it up the other day and the difference between that one and H&M’s.. Not even in the level of class or the look of it all – it’s in everyone’s faces. At K&W, everyone looked so happy, even the Queen, like they were all so happy for them both but at M&H.. I struggle to find even one happy expression from William, Kate and especially from the Queen. I think that just says everything..



When I saw the fembot pic of Meghan, I swear I thought it was her Madame Tussaud’s waxwork. I had to really look at the picture to see that it was actually her. It’s just such an odd picture to post. Her official photog must not like her very much because that is a terrible picture.

I suspect that her dead-eyed stare in this photo may have been the best of the bunch. Usually photographers will want the best photos possible.


Her eyes are seriously glazed over though.

It isn’t so much a new persona but rather a new pr strategy she tries every couple of weeks. She is deep into the “I am a humanitarian” phase now. Not sticking though. You know she is nuts for taking them on especially going after W and K but I wonder how much longer this can go on before we get an explosion. So much tension is apparent something has to blow.

Although she did start the “humanitarian” phase when she was an actress, so it’s not completely new at this point. 

I am somewhat surprised that the articles are continuing. At this point, I’m guessing that we’ll get low-ball, turmoil-in-the-palace articles from now until the end of the year. Probably nothing earth shattering before the end of the year. UK tabs will probably let something major rip the first full weekend of the new year. January 6th looks like a good bet for now.



Kate was accused to be a social climber because she attended the same
school as william and some rumors about having a william poster (never
proved). Meghan has attended soho house for years befriended harry’s
friends, making an interview with piers morgan the day before she went
on a date with harry, she told her agent everything about the date and
in the interview played the little doe saying “is he nice”? And people
think she is genuine??? How can that be? She is the queen of fakeness.

William and Kate skip board meeting attended by Harry and Meghan


Ahahahaha…. Meghan trying to spin things to put the Cambridges down! Love this for how her shade exposes things! 

Prince William and Kate skip a board meeting attended by Prince Harry and Meghan at the Royal Foundation fuelling rumours of a deepening rift between the royal couples

  • William and Kate missed a board meeting as well as a staff Christmas party later
  • It was for the Royal Foundation which they head with Prince Harry and Meghan
  • No-show comes amid rumours that the two couples are locked in a royal feud
  • Harry and Meghan are set to move to Frogmore Cottage – away from the palace


PUBLISHED: 18:53 EST, 7 December 2018 | UPDATED: 18:53 EST, 7 December 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge failed to attend a board meeting of the Royal Foundation this week amid rumours of a royal rift with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

William and Kate lead the foundation together with Harry and Meghan but while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex both attended the meeting, as well as a staff Christmas party afterwards, the other two members of the so-called Fab Four didn’t show up.

Kensington Palace insists that the Cambridges were not expected, but a source admitted that it ‘was a shame’ they didn’t attend the meeting or the subsequent party.

Rumours of a rift between the Cambridges and the Sussexes have spread like wildfire following the announcement that Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, are set to move away from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage.

And the latest chapter of the rumoured rivalry saw Harry and Meghan attend the board meeting alone.  

A source revealed: ‘Not only were Harry and Meghan there, but they went to the staff Christmas party afterwards.

‘It was a very jolly affair. It’s a shame that William and Catherine did not turn up.’

Kensington Palace insists that the Cambridges had not been expected. ‘Their Royal Highnesses attend these meetings in turn,’ a spokesman says.

‘This session was focused on programmes led by the Duke of Sussex.’

Sooo… Cambridges weren’t supposed to be there, but Meg’s PR attempts are trying to throw them under the bus to her advantage! 

Although the rift has mostly focused on the relationship between Meghan and Kate, recent reports suggest that the issue is actually between William and Harry.  

According to the Sun, a royal source claims that Harry is accusing William of trying to ‘wreck his relationship with Meghan’.

William is believed to have ‘voiced concerns’ about Meghan to his brother.

And Harry’s over-protectiveness of his wife has apparently driven a wedge between the two brothers.

One courtier told the Sun: ‘It’s my opinion that Harry feels he couldn’t protect his mother, so he’s going all out to protect his wife.

‘This is his way of atoning. He will brook absolutely no criticism of Meghan — and he is so sensitive he often sees criticism or negativity where there isn’t any.’

When all else fails, bring up Mummy Diana’s name to solve the PR problem!

The friction between the two apparently started when William tried to give Harry some brotherly advice about the Canadian actress, back when their romance was still fairly new.

However, the chat went down badly with one friend saying that Harry ‘went mental’.

The friend added that the relationship between the two brothers has never really recovered since.  

Sooo…. it’s all William’s fault because he was butting in where he shouldn’t have…. 

The source also revealed that Meghan felt rebuffed when she tried to befriend Kate and that the brothers are competing against each other over palace appointments.  

Meghan apparently tried to approach Kate to learn the ropes but the Duchess of Cambridge was pre-occupied with her children Prince Louis, George, five, and Charlotte, three.

ANNNDDD…. It’s not Meghan’s fault that she’s not friends with Kate! Regina George Meghan is the one making an effort, not Kate. 

The Duchess of Sussex is also said to be surprising the royal household with just how keen her mind is.  

Harry and Meghan are set to move out of Kensington Palace – and away from William and Kate – to make a new home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

Officially, the couple are moving to have their own space for their new child who is due in the spring.

However, rumours have spread since the announcement that a secret family feud is the real reason for the move.  

William and Kate skip board meeting attended by Harry and Meghan

Harry went ‘mental’ accusing William of trying to ‘wreck relationship’ with Meghan


Forget the girls, it’s simmering tensions between brothers William and Harry that are at the heart of the frostiness between the two royal power couples

EXCLUSIVEBy Emily Andrews, Royal Correspondent7th December 2018, 10:15 pmUpdated: 8th December 2018, 11:25 am

Oh, Emily! When are you going to learn you’re a fool for doing Meghan’s bidding??

FOR two weeks all eyes have been on the “difficult relationship” between royal wives Meghan and Kate.

But today the Sun can reveal the simmering tensions between brothers William and Harry are at the heart of the frostiness between the two couples.

After we told exclusively how Harry and Meghan are moving to Windsor because they “don’t want to live next door to William and Kate” we can now unveil the “Fab Four’s” other issues, such as:

  • HARRY accusing Wills of trying to “wreck his relationship” with Meghan after he voiced concerns over her;
  • MEGHAN feeling rebuffed when she tried to befriend Kate;
  • RIVALRY between the brothers’ over palace appointments, and;
  •  HARRY’S desire to protect his wife at all costs after not being able to do so for Princess Diana.

From being young boys united in grief to building Britain’s modern monarchy together, the brothers could not have been closer.

Until now.

For insiders say it is problems between them, dating back to when Meghan, 37, appeared on the scene, that are fuelling the fallings-out.

And Harry’s over-protectiveness of his wife — and refusal to see reason — is the main cause of the chasm.

As one courtier told me: “It’s my opinion that Harry feels he couldn’t protect his mother, so he’s going all out to protect his wife.

“This is his way of atoning.

“He will brook absolutely no criticism of Meghan — and he is so sensitive he often sees criticism or negativity where there isn’t any.”

Using the memory of mummy dearest when all other PR strategies fail….

Of course, the brothers have locked horns before. William, 36, was said to be furious with Harry, 34, for getting caught on camera stripping in a Las Vegas hotel room six years ago.

Can you blame William, though? Harry was old enough to know better…

And their teasing about everything from who’s the most bald to the better soldier has always been rife.

But they always turned to each other when times were tough — the only people who could truly understand their lives.

The first hint of friction came after William was introduced to Meghan, 37, when she was staying at Kensington Palace.

Once she’d returned home to Canada, Wills sat Harry down for a chat — meant as brotherly advice.

He knew Harry was already head-over-heels for the US star but wanted him to take it slowly.

A well-placed source said: “William told his brother they knew nothing about her background, her intentions, what she was really like.

“He just wanted to stress that becoming part of the Royal Family is a massive undertaking and the pressure and scrutiny is unrelenting. Was Meghan the right one?”

The chat did not go down well.

“Harry went mental,” said the friend. “He accused his brother of trying to finish his romance before it had begun. The brothers’ relationship has not really recovered.”

The Sun understands other senior members of the family also “had concerns” and voiced them to Harry.

As one courtier cautiously volunteered: “A lot of people in the family objected. Who really knows what the concerns were? Was it Meghan’s background? Her father and dreadful half-sister? Because she was an outspoken American? Divorced?

So, all the rumors of the BRF having concerns about the rushed engagement last year and before were true!

“Harry stood up for Meghan very forcibly. He really loves her.”

Meghan also faced some opposition from the Middleton family, who didn’t want to invite her to Pippa’s wedding last May. They feared Meghan’s first public appearance with Prince Harry would overshadow the bride’s big day.

Eventually she was asked but chose only to go to the evening do.

Meghan “chose only to go to the evening do,” or was only invited to the evening do?? Nice spin there, Ms. Andrews. 

So it was no surprise that when she moved to London last November — and her engagement to Harry was announced — she was desperate to make things work.

She hoped that in Kate, another “outsider” who had navigated the choppy waters with aplomb, she would find a natural best friend.

But Kate, 36, was recovering from terrible morning sickness in her pregnancy with Prince Louis and was busy with George, now five, and Charlotte, three.

A royal source said: “Meghan hoped Kate would show her the ropes. But, equally understandably, Kate was busy. She didn’t have as much time for her as Meghan would have liked. They were at very different places in their lives.

“Meghan felt quite let down. She had really tried but felt rebuffed, and so just stopped trying.”

Meghan felt rebuffed… all these stories about her not listening and being demanding simply just aren’t true! It’s Kate’s fault!

Harry did not take this lightly and spoke to William about making Meghan feel welcome. William, of course, took his wife’s side — after all, she was following his lead.

In February, the Fab Four appeared on stage together for the first time to talk about their Royal Foundation charitable work.

Host Tina Daheley asked them: “Working together as a family, do you ever have disagreements about things?” Cue nervous laughter.

Meghan looked down, Kate fiddled with her hair and they left it to William, who answered with a very direct: “Oh yes.”

Harry then joked that there are so many clashes that “they come so thick and fast.” When asked if they’d been “resolved”, Wills jokingly replied: “We don’t know!” Could he have been thinking about Harry’s new role as a youth ambassador for the Commonwealth? Wills’ nose was reportedly put out of joint when the Queen gave the plum job to his brother instead of him.

Afterwards William had to be cajoled into doing anything for the Commonwealth, say courtiers.

But aides point out that if he’d wanted to veto Harry’s appointment, he could have done so. However, the tension didn’t help matters, coming as it did before May’s Royal Wedding.

Ah, yes, William, future Prince of Wales and likely future Head of the Commonwealth, is jealous of Harry’s made up position of Commonwealth Youth Ambassador….

Meghan’s father Thomas Markle was about to pull out of walking his daughter down the aisle after it was revealed he had posed for paparazzi pictures. Calm but collected, Meghan decided her team should say nothing publicly and cut him off.

However, William — having lost his mum — couldn’t understand ignoring a parent, whatever they’d done. He thought Meghan was making a mistake.

Even Charles, who dotes on Meghan, asked a senior member of his staff to intervene. But the policy stands and The Sun understands she has still not spoken to Thomas.

Meghan is said to be far less intimidated by the royals than might be supposed. At a recent gathering of senior family members, including Meghan, one well-placed aide remarked: “All their IQs put together would not equal hers.”

She and Harry have started spending less time at Kensington Palace after taking possession of a Cotswold farmhouse in the spring.

The bolthole is used to entertain friends like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas — now her husband — Serena Williams and George and Amal Clooney.

William and Kate also swerved a board meeting oft he Royal Foundation this week, leaving Harry and Meg to go alone.

They also missed the Christmas Party, with one insider saying: “it ‘was a shame’ they didn’t attend.”

The source added: “Not only were Harry and Meghan there, but they went to the staff Christmas party afterwards.

“It was a very jolly affair. It’s a shame that William and Catherine did not turn up.’”

Then Wills and Kate turned down an invite to the Castle of Mey with Harry, Meghan and Charles in June. And while the Cambridges holidayed with Zara and Mike Tindall, Peter and Autumn Phillips and their kids at Balmoral in August, Harry and Meghan were absent.

Harry went ‘mental’ accusing William of trying to ‘wreck relationship’ with Meghan




A gentle reminder that the “last lynchings” were between 1981-1991, so
it’s less than 40. The CRA act was passed 54 years ago. Not enough
people want to hear or remember that.

Nah black people still get lynched to this day. Multiple cases this year alone. The police just say they committed suicide. But they committed suicide in public places in the middle of the hanging themselves. The police just cover the shit up because they’re in on it. If it’s deemed a suicide they don’t have to investigate. Case closed.

It’s amazing that we only want equality and not revenge.


“I really can’t see Meghan as a mother. From her past lifestyle/blog etc. it seemed like she was content being able to work, travel, and be super independent. She seems more like the free spirited type that would not want to be tied down by a baby and a husband. I think if Meghan hadn’t married Harry she wouldn’t have kids.“ – Submitted by Anonymous

What’s your take about the Will vs Harry feud? I suspect they have fussed over the years, but Harry has always known that Will was ahead of him priority wise in the family, not in everyone’s hearts, but yes in the family. Surely, he accepts his place after all these years. He could always walk away and take his great grandma $ and Diana $ and live his life outside of the palace walls.



From what I know personally William does not suffer fools. He’s sharp tongued and has little time for gossip and that’s just in public. I get the impression that he’s very aware of his public image and although he’s not always happy about being under scrutiny he does take his reputation and image seriously. He’s polite, respectful and keen to be seen as not rocking the boat. He doesn’t appear quite so passionate at first but he is truly earnest about his endeavours. He’s very frank and like his fathers Charles has a disarming gaze when he addresses you. Charles is incredibly charming in person btw. He twinkles (just thought I’d throw that in 😂)

He’s been known to pull Harry into line several times. But I don’t know of anything that’s caused a major rift before. Harry is very cocksure. He’s outspoken and brash. He’s always been left to do his own thing and he’s been pulled out of scrapes. With the arrival of her he’s become even more of a peacock. Comments such as ‘this one’ when referring to her as though they’ve been close for ever are indicative of his desire to be seen as grown up as William. But Harry is only famous and in the limelight because Kate and William have very generously allowed him to be.  I don’t ever recall Charles and Anne or Charles and Edward running campaigns together, attending events together like they have. He’s never fully accepted his place because William has been too kind to put him in it. Unlike now, where Harry and that woman threaten the well oiled and carefully constructed image that he and Kate have taken years to build. I should think that William takes a very dim view of that. Harry is a hot head. And despite being very fond of each other Williams family, mostly his wife will come first. I shouldn’t think we will get any emotional statements or nonsense from either him or Kate. They will go on being as staunch and stoic as ever. I should think it will be painful for William. He can only hope that Harry returns at some point. But William is duty first and I don’t see him capitulating to tantrums anytime soon. 


The Royal Family Youtube Channel stopped posting on Meghan 2 months ago. The three clips from their Australian tour is of Harry even the Tonga Clip with her in it is very brief with Harry’s Speech. Her speeches didn’t even make the cut. She really did piss of the family with that baby announcement at PE wedding and they are deferentially not happy about the way they acted on that Tour. There in a lot trouble.



Something BIG is cooking


Hello everyone,

It’s NinjaPower again. Let’s get down to business.

A MAJOR scandal is coming and its target is… HARRY! By the end of December, maybe January, something is going to come out or happen to him that’s gonna knock him down completely. Maybe, just maybe, it’s about Meghan and Harry is a colateral victim, but the way I see it, it’s Harry who’s going to be completely destroyed. He has the same astrological transits coming up that Ronaldo had when he was accused of rape and Ariana Grande had when the Manchester bombing happened. It’s HUGE! And it’s terrible, it’s like the end of the line for him.

What exactly is it? I cannot be sure but from the way I see it in the cards, my money is on this:

  1. No baby. Stillborn baby? Exposed fake pregnancy? No idea but I have said over and over there is no baby born in my cards.
  2. He will give up his title (or some important role). Remember when I said this in my old predictions: If you want me to make a prediction about his future, I would say he could step down from royal duties, or decrease his public exposure … It’s also happening in this 4th house, the house of family. So his purpose in this life is to lead a private family life.” I think we’re near the moment this will come true. Maybe the stress from the press causes Meghan to have a stillborn baby and out of fury he gives everything up? It’s a theory.

I also want to remind you of when I read about Meghan and Piers Morgan and told you there was more to it than just an interview, that there was flirting and maybe sex or the promise of sex, to say the least. Well what Piers said this week about her, that she “ghosted” him when someone better came along, sounded like a jilted lover. The cards were right.

1. I’d say January is more likely. Not December.
2. I’d say stillborn baby or miscarriage in the second trimester is more likely.
3. If Andrew never gave up his title given his Epstein and travel scandals, then it’s unlikely that Harry will ever give up his. 
4. I say Harry is over this marriage in January 2019.
5. I still say Megs is over this marriage in March 2019.
6. If Harry changes his amount of interaction with the public, it will be for the short-term, not a long-term or permanent thing. It won’t be for life. He won’t give up his title.

Side note: there’s a dispute over Ronaldo’s birth time. Birth certificate says 05:25, while his mother and biography says 10:20. I don’t worry about any possible accusations of rape regarding Harry because–regardless of birth time–Ronaldo’s birth chart has something in common with Prince Andrew. They both have very closely conjunct Venus and Mars, and either an Ashlesha moon or ascendant.