“Princess Kate may have been at the bottom of a mountain in Bhutan without a mirror, but when she wanted to know how she looked in a set of earrings, she knew exactly what to do. Beckoning Prince William over to a stall where she’d spotted the jewelry, she asked him to get out his iPhone as she held one up to her left ear. There, with a smile from Kate, William took a shot so she could see how the dark blue dangly trinkets looked. In their own little moment, away from their entourage and security, she pronounced them just right, and snapped them up for 500 rupees (about $7). The following day it became apparent why: Kate wore them for a much-anticipated visit to India’s most romantic site, the Taj Mahal.”

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I know part of this got out, but allow me to add the rest!

Here’s the low down on what really happened between Michelle Obama and MeAgain… Princess Pushy, indeed.

*Also,I did see someone mention here that this wasnt a planned meeting and that MM did barge her way into a conversation. Apologies as I can’t find that original post!

“I worked for Barack Obama for 7 years.

I have friends who are with the Obama foundation, and have more access to the former POTUS and FLOTUS than I do now, and I asked them about the now infamous meeting.

Per everybody that I’ve spoken with, Mrs Obama was ambushed by MM, and her secret service detail was none to pleased about it. They said she made a few minutes of polite chit chat so as not to be rude, and then quickly excused herself to leave.

The general consensus was she wasn’t pleased with the ‘stunt’, and felt like the reason she was there was overshadowed by MM making the night all about her.

I’ve spoken to her only a handful of times (MO that is) and almost always in a group setting. Despite how far she’s gotten in life, she still sees herself as the girl who grew up with pretty much nothing. She has very little to any patience for people who flaunt wealth or power.

My friends said she was annoyed with the ambush and pissed off about the snafu it caused with her secret service detail. They have to coordinate with the security of dignitaries that she meets with, and none of this was coordinated, so it created a logistical mess.

What I’ve heard from everyone was MO was trying to be polite, but she was tired. She was on a time crunch because they knew GB’s death was imminent and she would need to get back, and this had created a logistical nightmare for her secret service detail since none of it had been coordinated with MM’s detail because it wasn’t planned.”

I think I’m the only one who’s not looking forward to the PR war that’s going to come with the scandals and divorce. Honestly, I have a sinking feeling that this is going to absolutely destroy the RF and discredit them. The British public doesn’t suffer fools, especially not from the royal family. I’m worried this could lead to abolishing the monarchy, especially since QE is likely to pass within the next few years.


It won’t. The Cambridges are still popular so it will be fine. All they have to do is do another strong PR campaign and Harry will be back in the good graces in no time. Seems like he gets immunity just by being Diana’s son tbh.

Regarding any BRF vs Megs PR fight: it’s not an even match. It’s basically a nuclear bomb vs sticks and stones. Megs can’t win that fight because she’s not popular enough in any country–UK or USA–to have enough resources to win. 

Megs isn’t on par with Diana. She hasn’t achieved the reputation, standing, or respect that Diana did going into the War of the Waleses. Megs vs BRF is going to come up with a huge loss for Megs. The only reason she’s able to engage on any level with the tit-for-tat reporting that has been going on recently is because BRF members–Queen, Charles, William, etc.–are being nice because she’s married to Harry. 

Megs will bear much of the fallout for this relationship/marriage demise because she doesn’t have as much of a long-established reputation in the media.