I know part of this got out, but allow me to add the rest!

Here’s the low down on what really happened between Michelle Obama and MeAgain… Princess Pushy, indeed.

*Also,I did see someone mention here that this wasnt a planned meeting and that MM did barge her way into a conversation. Apologies as I can’t find that original post!

“I worked for Barack Obama for 7 years.

I have friends who are with the Obama foundation, and have more access to the former POTUS and FLOTUS than I do now, and I asked them about the now infamous meeting.

Per everybody that I’ve spoken with, Mrs Obama was ambushed by MM, and her secret service detail was none to pleased about it. They said she made a few minutes of polite chit chat so as not to be rude, and then quickly excused herself to leave.

The general consensus was she wasn’t pleased with the ‘stunt’, and felt like the reason she was there was overshadowed by MM making the night all about her.

I’ve spoken to her only a handful of times (MO that is) and almost always in a group setting. Despite how far she’s gotten in life, she still sees herself as the girl who grew up with pretty much nothing. She has very little to any patience for people who flaunt wealth or power.

My friends said she was annoyed with the ambush and pissed off about the snafu it caused with her secret service detail. They have to coordinate with the security of dignitaries that she meets with, and none of this was coordinated, so it created a logistical mess.

What I’ve heard from everyone was MO was trying to be polite, but she was tired. She was on a time crunch because they knew GB’s death was imminent and she would need to get back, and this had created a logistical nightmare for her secret service detail since none of it had been coordinated with MM’s detail because it wasn’t planned.”

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